Who are the people behind KitHub?

Who are the people behind KitHub?

KitHub was founded by two women that are passionate about providing hands-on STEAM and community science experiences. Our founders have designed and  facilitated workshops for hundreds of children and educators. They utilized their knowledge from the workshops and developed affordable kits that can be worked on at your kitchen table, desk or workbench.

More about out Founders:

  • Tara Tiger Brown is a technologist, community science advocate and co-founder of LA Makerspace.
  • Luz Rivas has left KitHub and now serves in the California State Assembly for California's 39th State Assembly district. She is an electrical engineer, educator and founder of DIY Girls.

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    • Do You Accept Purchase Orders?

      Purchase orders are accepted from US and Canadian schools, international universities and government agencies placing orders of $100 USD or more. Existing Customers If you are a current KitHub customer and wish to place a purchase order, please email ...
    • How do I track my shipment?

      There are a few ways that you can track your shipment. If none of these options are helpful, please email us support@kithub.cc. Purchased kit directly from the KitHub shop - You should have received an email confirming your order and a separate email ...
    • I received a damaged kit!

      Receiving a damaged kit is the worst! Please notify us immediately for assistance and will take care of you. You can reach by email: support@kithub.cc. Include the following in your email: Your first and last name The email you used to purchase your ...
    • I want to order a custom kit

      We can handle all aspects of your custom kit including design, lesson plans, packaging, and fulfillment. Please email hello@kithub.cc to start the conversation.
    • I’m not satisfied with my kit, can I return it?

      If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we’re here to help. Our products can be returned within 30 days of the original purchase of the product. A product may be exchanged for another product or returned for a refund. To be eligible for ...